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Germany, December 06, 2017

„Es ist mein ganzes Leben“

„Es sind grandiose Bilder, die sich in dem leinengebundenen, backsteindicken und –schweren Buch studieren lassen. Hochwertig gedruckt entwickelt sich die gemalte Geschichte von Leben? oder Theater?, die Autobiografisches und Fiktives miteinander verwebt.“
United States, December 06, 2017

David LaChapelle reveals visions of paradise -- and hell on Earth

“For all of his acid-drenched pop photography, LaChapelle is surprisingly zen in person; soft-spoken and prone to long, meandering musings on everything from the afterlife to video game violence. This thoughtfulness is reflected in the pages of the new books.”
United States, December 06, 2017

David LaChapelle remembers his favorite Miami moments

“Now with Art Basel, Miami has gone through a renaissance and become an art destination. I think this has been a positive thing for Miami. Before, Miami was known as a party city, but now it’s known as a major cultural city.”
United States, November 29, 2017

LaChapelle’s Show

“Featuring a mix of portraits old and new, along with never- before-seen (non-celeb) projects from the 1980s, the new books will no doubt further solidify LaChapelle’s reputation as one of our most boisterous, energetic visual artists, through his continued exploration of celebrity, power, religion and sexuality.”

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Illustration: Robert Nippoldt