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United Kingdom, May 20, 2017

The forgotten photographer whose artistry is finally being celebrated

“Social documentary, travel, fashion, sport, even the funeral of JFK — Newman has shot them all through every sort of lens with every conceivable combination of film, flashbulb and filter.”
United Kingdom, May 13, 2017

New York: the city of lights by Marvin E. Newman – in pictures

“Photographer Marvin E. Newman shot images of America with a keen eye for color and drama …focusing primarily on his home town of New York City… all marked with his fresh take on familiar landscapes.”
Austria, May 09, 2017

Lost in New York: Dazzling Shots of the US through the Years

“From Times Square to Wall Street, Newman’s vivid, original tableaux offer fresh perspectives on familiar New York landmarks but, above all, a unique sense for life in the city and for the drama, extremities, and complexities that weld New York to so many hearts.”
United States, May 05, 2017

Meet the Unsung New York Photographer Who Has Seen It All

“His mastery of quiet chaos made him the perfect surveyor of the gaudy circus or the hum drum small-town with its melancholy checkout girls. American culture, with all its perfect contradictions and joyful ambition came alive under his lens.”

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Illustration: Robert Nippoldt